Artisan provides end to end zero emission powertrain solutions.  Our systems include heavy duty vehicle powertrains, battery packs, master vehicle controls, high powered chargers, and maintenance systems.  Designed for large industrial heavy duty applications and built for the harshest environments on earth, our products are tough, reliable, field proven, and certified.

Our Products
  • Application Specific Battery Systems including LiFePO4 cells and a sophisticated battery management system.  Fully integrated to vehicle controls and high powered chargers.  Our packs are designed to be easily removed and replaced for quick swapping and continuous duty applications.  Delivered complete with advanced safety systems and built specifically for operation in heavy duty, harsh environments.  Built with common modules that are easily serviceable.  Extensive reporting for all activity and error codes for battery cell health, ground faults, power electronics, etc. 
  • Heavy Duty Powertrains designed for Class 6 through Class 8 large trucks.  Our powertrain components are mobile hardened and ready for operation in heavy duty on-road, off-road, and underground vehicles.  Our powertrain controls are ready to interface to the battery system, charger system, and other vehicle subsystems.
  • High Powered Chargers able to charge large battery packs in approximately two hours.  Touch screen operation for ease of use and a technician interface that enables remote customer support, software upgrades, and vehicle data logging downloads.
  • Support Systems and Service including all necessary equipment for on-site technicians to maintain, diagnose, and service powertrains, chargers, control systems, and battery packs.   Artisan also provides 24/7 remote support for review of drive cycle logs, error codes, maintenance tasks, and service requests.  Remote support includes software upgrades and other assistance that enhance vehicle performance and expedite issue resolution.